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Which color for your Wedding Day?

The Pantene color of the year is CORAL.

Wedding Reception with Coral, Gold & Ivory

Coral is a color of life force of energy. It restores harmony to the Heart and draws Love.

Selecting colors for your Wedding or Reception are usually symbolic for one of the 3 reasons.

1. Colors selected by popularity. Color of the year, meaning of the color, and the color may bring out your personality or give off a certain vibe. Some of the most popular colors in the last few years were selected for many of these reasons.

2. Selecting colors based on the Seasons of the year. ~Winter – December, January, February. Vibes: Icy, Deep, Rainy & Dark. Colors - Black, Radiant Red, Navy Blue, Burgundy,White, & Gold. ~Spring- March, April, May. Vibes: Breath Taking, Innocent, Warm, & Soft. Colors- Pastels, Mint Green, Lavender, Sky Blue, Light Pink, Peach & Canary Yellow. ~Summer- June, July, August. Vibes:Vibrant, Bright, Lively & Happy. Colors- Coral, Sunflower Yellow, Royal Blue, Tiffany Blue, Emerald Green & Fuschia. ~Fall- September, October, November. Vibes: Earthlike, Natural, & Bold. Colors- Purple, Burnt Orange, Egg Plant, Sage Green, Ivory, & Platinum Silver.

3. Colors that have sentimental value, a relatives favorite colors, a family traditional color or a color that represents a major life change. These colors are selected to give reverence to the sentiment.

Whether you choose Coral or any of the season colors, it will bring about lasting memories with a feel of Love and Peace on your Special Day.

What Color will you choose?

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