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TO DIY Or Not To DIY Your Wedding or Reception. "That Is The Question???"

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

"Don't Mind Me, Just Planning My Own Wedding Day"

PROS to consider:

MONEY- The number one reason that some Brides and Grooms DIYing there wedding or reception is for the purpose of cost savings. That is definitely understood. Looking for the latest trends on wedding websites and buying wedding decor on vendor sites. Choosing an off season date, reduce the guest headcount, and purchase stationary packages for invitations or programs. Make your own favors. Use silk flowers versus real flowers. Even though a bride can take many actions to cut cost, the true reality of it saving you alot of money is all a Myth. It will save you some money however you will still feel the STING in your pockets.

2. CONTROL- Being able to call the shots and determine the where, when, what or why would be a huge reason some Brides or Bridezillas would prefer to DIY there Special Day. Having the option to choose every little detail for your day does have some personal satisfaction. Knowing exactly what is going on at every step of the process and not having to answer to anyone, can put a SMILE on anyone's face. However, it can put a strain on your mental mindset and may impact your Happiness or Joy when the time finally arrives to enjoy the Celebration.

CONS to consider:

EXPERIENCE - Think about your knowledge or experience of planning or designing. If you do not like to plan, you do not have a eye for beauty or are not creative. If you do not have access to obtain the proper information, process and steps or do not have access to the right

inventory or resources for your wedding or reception. This may deem to be PROBLEMATIC as you Plan, Prepare and Put it all together! ***"Don't Worry - Hire an Experienced Event Planner"

SAFETY - Do you have the correct safety measures in place for you, your family or guest in the event of an accident. Do you have a liability or accident plan ready for any emergencies that arise. Believe it or not Event Designers and Planners have measures in place to protect you and your guest. So if you do not have a safety plan of action in place. Your DIY wedding or reception could be in for some major PAIN! ***"Don't Stress it, Event Professionals are born for this!"

LABOR- Last but not least are you physically equipped to handle all the manual labor that will be needed to setup, breakdown or handle concerns that arise during your wedding ceremony or reception. If your answer is "NO" then this DIY is not for the meek at heart. The physical labor that will be needed to set an entire venue for your Special day will be overwhelming, time consuming and real physical labor; DRAINED! "Don't Lose it- Select an Event Designer, throw up your hands and "Walk Away".

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