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Things can go wrong on your Wedding Day and It Will "Don't Sweat It"

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

So, it's your Wedding Day and you want it to be Perfect. It will be Perfect with Mishaps that only the people closely involved, your family and friends will ever know about. Then later you LAUGH & CRY at the same time when the memory hits YOU.

Bride: Forgot one of her traditional items, Something borrowed or BLUE. Mercy!

Groom: LOST the ring for about 10 minutes. "Who looking for ME"

Bridesmaids: Someone's dress cleavage needs a safety pin. (you too stressed and exhausted to address it) SMH.

Groomsmen: The pants leg alternation is off and they are too short or long for one of the groomsmen. "Oh My"

BEST Man: He had a flat tire on the way to the Church. You will be on the Program but not in the Wedding???

Caterer - The Macaroni ran out. This can be a very SERIOUS Matter!!!

The Pastor – Forgot part of the VOW section he was reading right out of the Bible, everyone was in AWE. "Immediate Action Needed"

It happened to me, "Picture That". My borrowed earrings were in the Dashboard of my SUV and my babies’ shoes were left out of the pre-packed Bridal Bag for me. I can LAUGH now, but on the day of my Wedding, I was Hysterical, upset and thought it was the end of the WORLD. However, guess what, No one noticed and everyone thought it was all apart of my Special Day. To ME, it was still one of the most Beautiful days and memories of my Life! (The parts that I can remember, LOL)

So, Relax and get Ready for one of the Most Important days of your Life to be your "PERFECT DAY". When something happens, take a deep breath, don't hyperventilate & have an anxiety attack. Take a DEEP Breath, sit down, relax and go to your HAPPY PLACE for about 5 minutes. Then open your eyes and Imagine your day just as you have always DREAMED it to be. There is always a BOOTLEG Solution that is feasible to get you through any wedding. (That's Right) No one has ever had a Perfect Wedding, believe ME! So, make the Best of whatever happens on your Wedding Day & Enjoy every minute of the MEMORIES!!!

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