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Engaged, Ready to Plan: What you should know.

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Once you are Engaged and EXCITED about starting the planning for your BIG Day, you must keep a few things in mind when selecting your vendors and anyone who will play a major role on your Wedding Day. Start early so you don't have to rush and make last minute decisions.

1. Gather vendor information and then filter the vendor selection by Pros and Cons. Factors such as: style, location, reputation, website or social media portfolios, client reviews and pricing.

2. Select at least 2 vendors for each category to have a face to face meeting with, call and setup a consultation and during the call have a mini over the phone consultation to get a feel for the business professional you are considering, however this should never be how you make your final decision. Once you meet with the vendors, select your top candidate and make a decision to hire them. Please get an official contract, NOT just a Receipt. Make sure it outlines services provided, timeframe, exceptions added services and cancellation policy.

3. Schedule meeting with Venue and Planner/Designer first. At the initial meeting for venue selection, ask clarifying questions about the inventory included, timelines, employee assistance, alcohol policy, cancellation policy and clean up and breakdown details. Once meeting scheduled with planner /designer be prepared to answer 5 important questions. Location of the wedding/reception, time for the wedding & reception, how many people will attend including wedding party and bride & groom, colors or theme, and your budget. Knowing this information will not only help you but help the planner/designer determine what options will be best for you.

4. The day before the meeting confirm with the Planner/Designer the date and time are still secured. If you will be late call as soon as you know, this will avoid conflicts in their schedule. If you change your mind or something comes up, let them know 24 hours in advance, for common courtesy.

5. During the consultation meeting with Planner/Designer, get to know their business ethics, ask questions, be specific, get visual examples of colors, styles and options. Tell them what you like or is important to you. Confirm information such as: deposits, inventory included or exclusions, contract terms, cancellation policy, setup/breakdown, etc...

6. Finally, closing the consultation meeting. Book your date with the Planner/Designer, pay deposit, obtain a contract and make sure you get clear information on next steps. Ask for vendor referrals, if you don't already have options once secured. If not ready to secure your date, set expectation for follow up timeframe & decision, determine next steps from the planner/designer once decision is made, ask for summary of options selected at the time of meeting to be sent to you after the meeting. Thank them for their time and give friendly hand shake when leaving as a professional gesture.

These basic steps will ensure you get a good selection of vendors for your "Special Day" and relax knowing you made GREAT choices. Get ready to see your Lifetime Memories unfold!!!

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