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5 Do's & 5 Don'ts for Wedding Preparations

Do this for your Wedding Day Preparations:

1. Dress & Look your BEST on your wedding day because you are the "Star of the Show"!

2. Ensure the most important aspects of your wedding/reception day you must keep in mind, what your Guest will remember the most and talk about after the fact. The Food, Decor and Photographer.

3. Select vendors in advance, to avoid last minute decisions and not getting the desired outcome. Do your Research to ensure you get a reliable, honest & professional business owner.

4. Create a Reality list and a Wish list. Remember everything on your reality list is what is a mandatory need, the things on your Wish list are optional wants.

5. Obtain a contract from all vendors to protect your best interest and theirs pertaining to specifics for your Wedding Day.

Don't do this for your Wedding Day Preparations:

1. Do not invite every family and friend you know. Be selective to invite the relatives and friends that you associate with on a regular basis and some close friends that you stay in touch with over time. "Love them but leave them OFF the List"

2. Overbook your reception without confirming RSVP cards with headcount including children. This can be a "Nightmare on Wedding Street" if all of your guest do not eat and extra people show up.

3. Select a venue because of popularity, you may be able to spend the money on something else for your wedding day. If you have a set budget or need something else that is of more importance.

4. Do Not splurge on expensive flowers, favors or alcohol, these are things the guest will not remember. They will have the "Awe" factor only at the reception and will be forgotten immediately.

5. Select family and friends that are not certified or real business owners to provide a service you need for your wedding. To keep your relationship solid and long lasting, JUST SAY NO!

Just a few things to keep in mind to ensure your Wedding Day is one of the Most Remembered, Special and Important Days of your LIFE!!!

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